International Patient Department of Medical Institutions

We specialize in caring for the medical needs of
international travelers – from transport to treatment
to billing and collections.

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Our Principles:

Help for Everyone

We believe in providing the best medical services to all those in times of medical need when visiting our region of Honduras. Our highly-trained bilingual International Patient Department can help you reach your loved ones. Our facilities have WiFi and a US phone number for patients and their family members to stay in contact.

Our Vision:

Heathly Future

We have partnered with the best hospitals in the Region, and made long term investments to ensure International Patients are provided the best medical attention in the country. Our focus is stabilizing and treating emergency health conditions, so that our patients can return home and enjoy a healthy future.

Our History:

Rich Traditions

The hospital in San Pedro Sula has grown over the past 40 years, continuously reinvesting in equipment upgrades and staff training, to stay on the cutting edge of medical technology. Our Roatan hospital was built from the ground up with new equipment, unlike other competing facilities which depend on donations and purchases of second-hand equipment.

The best in the region:

State of the art facilities

  Hospital in Roatan

Hospital in Roatan opened in June of 2016, as the first private hospital on the island. Our mission is providing world class Emergency Medicine with the same level of care that travelers would expect back home.

  Hospital in San Pedro Sula

Hospital Cemesa located in San Pedro Sula, provides a higher level of care with Catheterization Lab,  all new 128-slice CAT Scan and MRI equipment, and highly trained medical specialists.

  Your Home

We understand the importance of getting you back to your home country for continued care. Our staff works hard to stabilize you, so that your travel insurer can make arrangements for your safe return home.


You And Your Loved Ones

We care about your health:

We Do Our Best To Keep You Healthy

We provide the emergency treatment you need in Honduras, when you need it.

Our bilingual medical team can communicate with you, your insurance carrier and your home physician if needed. Many specialists were trained in Europe and North America and attend international medical conferences regularly to learn the latest techniques and practices.

Our staff is ready 24x7 to care for your arrival to our Emergency Room by our ground ambulance, or by just walking in. The admission staff will collect the needed information while emergency treatment begins, to reduce delays in getting the care you need.

The best medicine:

Our facility has brand name pharmaceuticals to ensure medicinal quality and patient safety. Our central pharmacy’s inventory is reviewed weekly to maintain current medications.

The best equipment:

We offer four LED operating theaters, a new G.E. CT Scanner, Orthopedic Surgery Arthroscopic Tower, ICU with top of the line mechanical ventilators. We are, by far, the best equipped facilities in the areas we serve. (or in the region, etc)

The best facilities:

Hospital  Roatan is located close to Cruise Line Ports and the International Airport. The hospital was designed and built as a Hospital from the beginning, using best practices and functional design, large comfortable hospital rooms, and more.

Important Statistics about our Hospitals

Important Statistics about our Hospitals









The best personnel in the country:

Wide Spectrum of Services

Our wide range of specialties includes available physicians in their various fields of expertise. Their top priority is the patient and patient safety. They use advanced diagnostic equipment to quickly get patients a treatment plan which is both acceptable to the patient and current medical protocols.

Orthopedic Surgery

We treat emergencies involving bones, joints, sports injuries and other trauma to the musculoskeletal system.


We care for emergencies involving the head, spine and the nervous system. This includes the brain, skull, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, cerebrovascular system and peripheral nervous system.


We provide emergency examination and diagnostic workup of the kidneys and related systems. This includes medication and urinalysis, hematuria diagnostics, blood tests, imaging, vascular interventions, and other specialized procedures.

Emergency Medicine

Our ER is your first stop for emergency care. We provide acute care and initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and require immediate attention.


Any emergency invoving brain to body

Interventional Cardialogy

When seconds matter, our cardiology teams offer the gold standard of care for acute myocardial conditions, often preventing scarring and long post-operative recovery.

We provide only the best:

Quality Medical Services

We provide the best physicians, nurses, equipment, and our goal is the best possible outcomes for our patients. When time is of the essence, our local medevac and ground ambulance services are there. We also work with travel insurance companies who arrange medevac transportation to your home country.

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Emergency Medical:

Emergency Room

Our Emergency Room is well-staffed and well equipped to handle most emergencies. There is very little, if any, wait time to be attended. We work closely with cruise lines and hotels so that we can be notified prior to your arrival.

Ground Ambulance and MEDEVAC:

Emergency Transpotation

Our STAT action team dispatches our paramedics to safely get you from the cruise line, excursion, or hotel, safely to our Emergency Room. We also provide this service to International Medevac companies, who need a fail-proof solution for their emergency transportation.


STAT Lab 24/7

Our state of the art laboratory is available 24x7 to provide fast, accurate lab test results your physician needs to diagnose your condition.


Connected Physicians

We have high bandwidth and high speed internet at both hospitals, enabling our radiologist to review large CT 3D images remotely at either facility. This means as quicker diagnosis for the patient.

When you need emergency care:

We are here to serve you

From providing the best medical care, all the way through working with your insurance company, we are here to serve the patient. We will help you every step of the way.

We are always happy to hear from you

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Patient accounts: 
Monday- Friday 
9:00am to 5:00pm Mountain Time. 

Main Phone:  +1-303-500-1820
Email: billing.team@atshore.com 

ROATAN Ground Ambulance/MEDEVAC:
Main Phone: +1-303-500-1820

Locations of our International Patient Department branches

Roatan, Honduras

San Pedro Sula, Honduras